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Gas grills

You can basically BBQ anything on a gas BBQ. No limits, only your imagination. Easy and safe to use. Easy to control the temperature for any type of grill technique.

Charcoal grills

The original way of BBQ ever since man got hold of fire. Nothing beats the feeling of sharing a well-cooked BBQ meal together with your friends and family.

Electric grills

Clean, Green and easy to operate. Combined with high heating performance and almost no assembly makes it our favorite for many exclusive courses.


When you have found the perfect BBQ, why not add up with our high quality BBQ accessories. A wide range of accessories are available in your local store.

Our new Magma grills allow you to barbecue food in a whole new and revolutionary way, in record time, and at impressive 850°C

Hans-Kristian Elvedal Larsen
Chef and co-founder / The Flying Culinary Circus

The Flying Culinary Circus

Welcome to Flying Culinary Circus world of BBQ

First of all, thank you so much for checking out or brand new FCC BBQ webpage. We’ve been working hard and long to get to where we are right now, and we’re super proud to present to you our new BBQ universe.

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X-Grill wins the GAS BBQ test 2020

FCC BBQ are proud to announce that our X-Grill BBQ series are the winner of the big BBQ test on TV2,  23/04 2020.

High quality gas grill with lid and grill body in cast aluminum and large grill surface.

X grill chef miljø
FCCBBQ Magma Gas grill

FCC BBQ Magma Gas

A newly developed table model gas grill that grills the raw materials with extreme heat (up to 800 degrees). Provides perfect results every time.

BBQ & Wine – Grillmat og viner fra California

“The place to be” for de som er glad i BBQ og vin. Flotte råvarer i kombinasjon med nydelige viner setter rammene for en magisk kveld du sent vil glemme. Velkommen til FCC sin første winemakers etter sommerferien.

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