In 2005 four talented chefs from Norway went on a journey of their lifetime. With a common passion for food and travel they went on an adventure that would go on for 4 years, through 50 countries around the globe. First stop on the journey was Central Park, New York. Their first journey ended in 2009, and The Flying Culinary Circus was born.

A culinary rock band - the world’s first and only travelling chef group. They were on a mission to inspire and impress the world and to spread their vision “Share the fun of cooking”. After 14 years in the “high flying culinary circus”, they have cooked and served rich and famous, popstars and actors, kings & queens in over 65 countries, all around the world.

From Russia in the far north, to Australia and South America in the far south. And all the way from California in the west to Vietnam in the east. All in search for that perfect meal.

The four chefs that founded the company in 2009, each had their own area of expertise.

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The fish and seafood expert

With deep roots to the ocean in the Northern part of Norway. And as a world champion in stock fish, enough said?


The sauces and soup expert

Working as a first class saucier at Norway´s one and only 2 starred Michelin restaurants at the time. He was the perfect man for the job.


The herbs and vegetable expert

He literally grew up in a greenhouse in the thick forests of Elverum. Something that made him a living dictionary when it comes to herbs & greens.


The meet expert

Being an educated butcher from The Culinary Academy as well as a chef, the area of expertise became very natural.

FCC Timeline


Flying Culinary Circus was founded


2011 would play a key part in the Flying Culinary Circus future. The launch of their first cookbook opened new doors in the retail business. 8 years later they look back at 6 cookbooks, with 2 of them nominated to the World Cookbook awards.


2013 the brand was awarded The Norwegian Design Award, for “Outstanding design, and visual communication”. A very proud moment for the company.


2016 was a turning point in the Flying Culinary Circus. The grand opening of a new Headquarter in Oslo gave the brand immense potential. 800 m2 - perfect for exclusive events, product development and testing.


2016-2017 a big recon mission started. Mapping out the whole BBQ industry. After that the company´s strategy was clear on how to target the industry with the new upcoming brand.


2018 they launched their BBQ brand FCC BBQ – It became the second largest BBQ brand in Norway within one year. 400 m2 showroom was opened just 15 min from Oslo airport and became quickly one of the best BBQ showrooms in Europe.


2019 FCC BBQ launched in Sweden with huge success.


2020 FCC BBQ will launch in Denmark.


The culinary team in FCC has over 300.000 hours of cooking experience, and over 80 years of experience from over 65 different countries. The BBQ team count pr now 30 people in the squad. A fantastic hard working team, striving every day to give everyone in Scandinavia a great food experience.

It's safe to say that the FCC team have a unique strength.

Share the fun of cooking

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